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Hi there, I’m RIMZYLORD, the founder of  J-WEED CANNACARE. 

Since 2012, I’ve been writing about growing marijuana, but I’ve been growing it for even longer than that. Here’s a little bit more about me as well as the rest of the team.

My Early Days My fascination with marijuana started very early. As a matter of fact, by the mid-90s, I was growing marijuana in and around LOS ANGELES. At first, it was just small home grows where I produced a few plants at a time. However, I just loved it too much to stay small. After a while, I got really good at it and moved on to mega grows with industrial sized grow rooms and lab breeding. My Mission Eventually, I had to stop growing marijuana. That didn’t mean I wasn’t still passionate about it. I had learned too much about the marijuana plant to walk away. Although I loved every bit of professional marijuana growing, I knew those days were behind me. How could I continue doing what I loved? I figured, with over 20 years of experience at it, why not share what I’ve learned? I knew that the internet was the best way to reach the most people, so I started a blog. It would be a blog about growing marijuana. From the beginning, I had big ideas for my blog. I wanted it to be a place where I’d write about everything related to growing marijuana, from caring for your plants and maintaining security, to accessing the highest quality seeds. I’d also discuss harvesting and selling. Above all, I wanted my readers to understand the entire process. For me, it would be part closure, part giving back. R.L.J.C Was Born In 2012 some friends and I decided to make this dream a reality. We launched Jweed cannacare  with this intention – share my knowledge and reach those looking to learn. The blog was a hit, but people wanted to know where they could buy seeds. So, we partnered with top breeders to connect our readers with the best seeds on the market. Although it wasn’t our initial plan, it made sense. From the beginning, we wanted to focus on helping others grow, so why not provide seeds as well? Helping you grow means supporting you throughout the entire process. So, in addition to providing the best information, we’re also keen on customer service and support after you receive your seeds. We want to make it easy for anyone to become an expert grower. Why did we do this? It’s simple really; we love growing marijuana. Happy growing!



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The Creative Team

The Marijuana Money weekly overview was the brainchild of award-winning financial grower and former Whole supplier executive, Rimzylord. He wanted to create the JWCC of cannabis” after growing tired of sifting through countless cannabis stories that weren’t relevant to the industry’s important business news. 

 Rimzy teamed up with long-time veteran of media and legal cannabis industry insider as well as seasoned public relations expert, Cynthia Salarizadeh, and together they created the J-WEED CANNABIS CARE. As CEO and Founder of the J-W Grower Team, a PR firm focused on enhancing the image of cannabis, RIMZYLORD became an expert in navigating the complicated cannabis industry landscape. 

 The combination of Growers and Manufactures expertise from Rimzy with the Growing & strategic communications, marketing experience and cannabis insight from J-Weed has resulted in a partnership committed to delivering the highest quality Medicated Drugs, business and economic news for the J-WEED cannabis industry.

Director of Operations

The director of operations coordinates all of the moving parts of a commercial cultivation facility. This goes beyond just growing to include extraction, purchasing, shipping, security, retail and even human resources. The director of operations makes sure that all of these departments function in unison and move the entire company toward the same end goal. Due to its regular contact and influence in each department, this position helps create and promulgate the company culture across all functions of the production facility. When searching for the perfect candidate to fill this role, don’t restrict yourself to the cannabis industry. Be open to considering someone with at least 10 years of experience managing operations for a manufacturing facility. Grow-ops and manufacturing plants have a lot in common, and these kinds of individuals can infuse valuable work experiences and lessons learned from other industries.

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About OG KUSH 

One of the lesser-known OG strains, Banana OG, is still well-deserving of the OG strains name. In terms of effects, it’s pretty similar to the standard types of OG Kush. It is a high-powered, dank strain that can have THC levels up to 25%. However, it’s the scent and flavor that makes this strain distinctive. On top of the citrus and herb scent that’s typical to OG strains, Banana OG clearly tastes and smells just like bananas. For many, it smells like a tropical smoothie, with hints of citrus as a background to the impressive banana scent. The flavor matches the pungent smell, with an extra note of incense from the OG genetics. Banana OG is a quick grow, flowering in as few as seven weeks. It’s relatively easy to grow, as well, so it’s a perfect choice for people looking to explore the OG line. It’s great indoors and out and can yield up to 14 ounces per square yard inside.

Let’s start with the original. OG Kush is the granddaddy of all popular OG strains, the real OG. Beloved by rappers and artists up and down the West Coast, OG Kush is famous, and for a good reason. It’s in high demand not just for its powerful, euphoric high, but also for its social status. In many cases, sheer demand is often enough to keep this strain at the top of the price scale. There are many types of OG Kush, or perhaps a better name for them would be descendants. One creative offspring is OG Kush CBD. It has the same earthy with subtle citrus notes that give off a refreshing hint of pine and lemon. The main difference is its low amounts of THC and high levels of CBD. Growing the compact OG Kush plant requires a tropical climate or an indoor grow setting. Unless you grow OG Kush autoflowers, it’s not a strain for first-time growers, because it’s prone to powdery mildew and disease. However, if you have the experience and the setup to keep your plant stable, then you can see harvests of more than a pound per square yard. Whether you grow autoflowers, high CBD versions, or the original OG Kush, you should always start with the best OG Kush seeds you can find. My store carries high-quality cannabis seeds with guaranteed germination, so you won’t have to look very far.

The Creative Team

Plant Technicians 

Plant technicians support the master growers and section growers by handling day-to-day plant maintenance and grow-facility cleaning. These individuals are the true labor force behind any commercial grow—they have a hand in every part of the cultivation process. As such, it is critical that plant technicians are properly trained on company protocols and the importance of compliance. A company may have impeccable cultivation standard operating procedures (SOPs), but if the individuals performing these tasks do not follow company protocols, it can result in unsalable cannabis or product recalls. Ironically, when hiring for this position, a lack of cannabis growing experience can be a plus. This way, no one starts the job with preconceived notions of how best to grow. A stubborn home grower that enters the industry as a plant technician can slow down the cultivation process with constant debates or outright refusal to follow protocols, because it’s not how they like to grow. At the opposite end of the spectrum, new hires with no prior experience but that are interested in joining a growing industry can make the best plant technician candidates as they generally have a great work ethic and learn quickly. They are blank slates who can be quickly trained and put to work.

System Control Specialist 

This is the techie on your grow team. This individual should have a special flare for understanding technology and the complexities of getting independent pieces of equipment to work together. This position supports the head grower and section growers by allowing them to focus on growing, not technical troubleshooting. From climate control equipment to inventory tracking systems, almost everything in a commercial grow facility is online, in the cloud or on your computer. When something breaks down or fails to perform as expected, growers can’t afford to stop everything, track down a user’s manual and spend the rest of the day troubleshooting. This is where the system control specialist comes to the rescue. They can usually solve the problem immediately, or they know whom to contact to fix the problem quickly, meaning minimum downtime for the grow team. Look for candidates familiar with managing interdependent systems. Previous experience setting up HVAC systems, computer networks, or sound and audio equipment is ideal. Search for individuals experienced in scheduling regular maintenance of manufacturing equipment, or IT geniuses that are good with hardware installations, updates and repairs.


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Mr. J-WEED RIMZYLORD appointment enriches the Company’s current strategy to grow internationally, with his wealth of experience in the European and Nord East American markets. As a new board member, Mr. J-WEED RIMZYLORD will generate a broad range of opportunities in Brazil and other countries participating in Mercosur. YOUNG ZEKELB intends to enter into and grow aggressively in these countries. The Company will begin production and open new distribution channels. Mr.J-WEED RIMZYLORD  will be an essential asset in the development and implementation of these initiatives. I have expertise in working with companies such as Chubb, QBE and Marsh & McLennan before becoming co-founder of Jweed Cannacare   . ESCONDIDO, Calif., June 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via  -- Jweed cannacare company of America, Inc. (JWCC) ("JWCC" or the "Company"), an innovative hemp and cannabis corporation, today announces the appointment of Marco Guerrero as a new member of the Company’s board of directors.  am a USA national and currently resides in Los Angeles CA. He is proficient in English, fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, and will be the key executive in charge of opening new operations and distribution channels in America. for the J-WEED RIMZYLORD product line. We will be a strong contributor in the development and implementation of the new  internation J-WEED RIMZYLORD all strategy, which includes the formation of a new local company, J-WEED RIMZYLORD  Brazil, that will become the Company’s business center for Latin America. Entering this territory represents the first step toward the Company’s global expansion into new markets. Mr. Guerrero will serve as board member and liaison for Brazil. He will join the Company’s CEO, Jesus Quintero, as well as the other board members, Themistocles (Tim) J-WEED RIMZYLORD and Edward J-WEED RIMZYLORD , in creating and implementing the vision and strategic plan for the Company. "I am very excited to become part of the MCOA family and to be able to exchange knowledge with such qualified and competent colleagues,” Guerrero stated. “I am a true believer in the CBD industry, which sooner rather than later will be present in all four corners of the globe. I take this new chapter of my professional career with great honor and will do my best to contribute to the growth of the Jweed Cannacare business and to represent the Company's legitimate interests.”  

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